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Adjective, real; genuine; authentic; true feelings.

Noun; a definite period or stage, as in a course of events; juncture: at this moment in history, importance or consequence

The MIXOLOGISTAR revolutionized the BAR Events industry in concepts that are of style, opulence and perfection that compete with groups of global scale. This unique luxury operator believe in providing unwavering commitment service excellence by leveraging un-parallel experience and STAR Class Events, and soon Big Fat Events at gateway cities around the globe. The combination of these key elements leaves guests with the ultimate feeling of satisfaction and memories that are genuine and authentic.

Why Hire Us? Why Hire Us?

 Mixologistar Bespoke Bartending Co. is a full-service beverage catering company equipped to accommodate any type (Big fat Weddings, Cocktail Night, Superbowl promotional, product launch and etc.) or size event throughout the country. Whether your guest list is ten or 10,000, count on us to provide professional, experienced personnel and quality products. Our number one priority is customer retention and good will. We pride ourselves on highly trained staff that is skilled, courteous & knowledgeable professionals who stay focused on your needs. We have done it all with speed, style, elegance. Apart from tending the bar, we take the entire function on turnkey basis where we arrange the Liquor, License, Soft beverages, Equipment & Glassware and Cigars. Depend on our team of professionals to make your next event a guaranteed success. We always play it safe and provide substantial quality products and personnel to ensure the success of every event. We have staff on- call at all times, never cutting corners.

  • Team of professional bartenders from Ex 5 Stars, Cocktail Bar, experienced freelancer with clean track record.
  • Customized comprehensive Cocktail, Mocktail, Shooter and Molecular Menu according to bride/ groom name and theme décor.
  • Flight catering model –premix and proper alcohol consumption management.
  • Classic bar display with quick turnaround of drinks –enough bar station for customer interaction.
  • Special creative and wedding logo incorporated in all bar display creatives i.e. tags, stickers and bar menu.

Founder Founder

Sunny Bhamra

Star Mixologist

We are proud to have our senior mixologist Sunny Bhamra who was shortlisted as one of the top North Region Bartender for the most grueling competition of 2014-15-16 Bacardi Legacy Competition. He competed with the top bartenders from 5 star hotels and top bars in the capital. He got so many appreciation award. He showcases his intellect in the art of mixing liquor not just in terms of its ingredients and flavours, but to also add theatre to it. A main component in the art of mixology. Hire this man to organise your bar unto international standards.