Professional Bartending Service

In today’s time everyone wishes to make his party moments more precious, joyful and memorable.

We provide you with an unmatched service at the bar in your party, which in turn will make your party a talk of the town. We pride ourselves on a highly trained staff of courteous, knowledgeable professionals who stay focused on fulfilling your needs. Our bartenders and service staff are devoted to understanding and executing your event; specialising in providing a uniquely personalised service for all that you envision.  We will work with you to create a personalised package that impresses your guests and exceeds your expectations.

Our bartenders and service staff are devoted to understanding and executing your event; specializing in providing a uniquely personalized service for all that you envision.  We will work with you to create a personalized package that impresses your guests and exceeds your expectations

"We prefer not... to just bartend. We like to entertain your guests as well"


We design special cocktails and mocktails using fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables and Herbs. Our recipes not only use fresh food ingredients but also use various herbs and spices. We specialize in Organic and Health Drinks and decorating them exclusively. We Are Professional in Classic Cocktails, Tiki Cocktails, Molecule Gastronomy, Alchohol Infusing Home Made Syrups, Dehydrate Water and Mocktails. 


Mixologistar is armed with the finesse to light up any party. We provide you with the best professional mixologists to turn any event into a great event.

Coming off fresh from managing bar for events such as Grub Festival, NH7 Weekender, Sunburn Festival, and several mega concerts featuring Snoop Dogg, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and more; Mixologistar is ever ready to cater to any event, big or small.

We offer a range of services that include bar designs, bar menu, customized cocktails, quantity and cost estimate for any party or event. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals behind your bar, special attention is given to ensure a smooth flow of beverage while taking care of wastage. Our events are an experience in itself.

Theme Bartending

Bar is dispensed from thematic bars, Like Pool Hawaiian party, Bridal Shower, bachelor  party, Bollywood and Hollywood Theme, Jungle theme, Tuxedo theme, 50th birthday Golden Theme, Silver Jubilee Anniversary. Reunion School Mates,Halloween Party,  Christmas  party and New year Eve..whereas the bartenders are dressed in uniforms in line with the theme decided, dispensing drinks from specially designed thematic Cocktail Menus.

Bar Dispensing

Dispensing of beverages across the bar counter with flair & Zest. The bartenders are courteous and highly skilled. Special cocktails, wines, malts and related menus can be recommended to make your event memorable. We can even assist you to procure liquor for your functions from legal vendors as we provide this service because we care and we have tied up with various brands.

Menu Designing

Picking out the items you want to list on your bar menu can be a challenge. Customers demand a huge range of different tastes. Your beverage menus should be a reflection of the bar itself; celebrating the concept, driving sales and keeping your bar on your guest’s lips. We Dedicate customised menu and drinks to the Respective Host of the party. We will create a bespoke cocktail selection based on the concepts with an equal product mix of classic, contemporary and innovative signature cocktails giving you a well-rounded bar food menu that has the potential to satisfy virtually any hungry customer.

Butler Service

Every butler strives for elegance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Great pride is placed into understanding the finest details for your experience.  All of our butlers have undergone a certified Hotel Management. They have mastered everything from formal table settings and etiquette, to synchronized wine pouring and party hosting. Furthermore, Our Butlers conducts rigorous background checks on each butler to ensure peace of mind and deliver the highest level of service in the world fit for royalty, heads of state and celebrities.


We will work with you to create a personalised package that impresses your guests and exceeds your expectations

How to make your own package?

  • For every 4 ft running length of bar , 01 bartender is required to tend the bar. 
  • For every 8 ft running length of bar , 02 bartenders are required. They are supported by 01 bar back rover. So for every 12 ft of bar, you would require 03 staff. 
  • You could count the no. of bartenders required for you function according to the dimension of your bar. For every two different bars, you would also require 02 co- ordinators apart from the bartenders. 
  • Any compromise in staffing will compromise the service & dispensing of drinks


We work on 100% payments advance. 50% amount of payments to be made for confirmation of services of bartenders selected. Till the payments are realized in our bank, the services are not confirmed and we are open to take other bookings otherwise. Balance 50% amount towards payment to be cleared 48 hours before the date of event, failing which we will not provide our services.

Cancellation of Services

In the event of cancellation from clients end, 50% confirmation amount is non-refundable and we are open to work for any other client on the specified date.